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  • Your job or employer could have made you in-eligible to claim.
  • Your loan or credit provider may have suggested it was a condition that you took out PPI.
  • Or they may not have even mentioned PPI and just added it on.
  • You might have been retired, on a pension or approaching retirement.
  • We can help you go back as far as 15 years and find out if you paid for PPI when you should not have.
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Our Claims Process

All our claims follow a simple 3-step process:

  • We'll Call You

    One of our friendly experts will give you a quick, no-obligation call.

  • You Receive Our Pack

    Complete our simple claim pack and return in the pre-paid envelope.

  • We Win Your Money Back

    You don’t need to do any more. Our professional team will contact your lender and win you your money back.

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