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Can I Claim?

  • You were made to feel the PPI policy was compulsory and not optional
  • You were sold a PPI policy even though the finance ran into your retirement
  • You were sold a PPI policy without knowing
  • You were sold the PPI policy when you were self employed
  • You were not explained the full costs of the PPI policy
  • You had sick pay entitlement that covered your monthly payments
  • You were pressurised to take the PPI policy
  • You were made to feel you would not get finance without taking the PPI policy
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What's My Claim Worth?

So far there has been a provision of £15 billion set aside for PPI. Now is the perfect time to claim, with our average customer claiming back just over £6,000*.



* This is based on our average customer having 2 claims with an average settlement per claim of over £3,000 from the period January 2012 - December 2012 and excluding store card claims.

Our Claims Process

All our claims follow a simple 3-step process:

  • We'll Call You

    One of our friendly experts will give you a quick, no-obligation call.

  • You Receive Our Pack

    Complete our simple claim pack, sign and return it in the pre-paid envelope

  • We bring your Money back

    Our professional team will contact your lender and work hard to bring your PPI money back to you.

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