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Money Boomerang has been pursuing successful PPI claims since 2008.

The banks set aside £billions to pay to customers but some customers have yet to claim.

We want to make sure those customers receive the refund they deserve.

Why have they not claimed? In many cases the customer simply doesn’t know they had a PPI policy attached to their loan, mortgage or credit card.

We offer a hassle free way for you to find out if you were sold a PPI policy without knowing and we reclaim the premiums you paid PLUS interest.

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Re-investigation of rejected claims

Have you already pursued a PPI claim and it was rejected?

Money Boomerang may be able to help you overturn the decision and secure a refund.

Several banks have been fined £millions for rejecting cases which should have been upheld, for ignoring PPI policies and miscalculating the refunds.

If it is over six months since your claim was rejected and you did not refer your case to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) we may be able to help.

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